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Sell Your Magic Singles Here

Some things to bear in mind:

We love helping our customers here at Gamers Sanctuary and are happy to purchase your Magic: The Gathering collection or singles.


Our online system is, by far, the fastest way to sell us your cards, while getting the most bang for your buck. All our online buy prices reflect the premium we offer for submitting your buylist online.


We are also happy to purchase singles and collections over the counter, at a slightly reduced rate. If you’d like to sell your cards in person rather than using the online system, we encourage you to contact the store and make an appointment so you can be assisted in a reasonable timeframe. Due to daily in-store traffic and collection sizes, we cannot guarantee your collection or singles will be appraised same-day without an appointment.


If we are unable to appraise your collection right away, you are welcome to leave your information and collection to be appraised. Appraisals are typically handled the following business day; however, times may vary depending on the size of the collection. If you'd like to ensure someone is available to appraise your collection, please, call us at 810-720-8280 or contact us at, to schedule an appointment.


v  We offer payment via Check or Store Credit. When receiving payment via Check, please allow up to one (1) business day for processing.

v  Unless specifically noted, we only buy near mint, non-foil, English language cards. If we receive cards that differ from that, they will be returned to you.

v  Due to staffing constraints, we are currently only accepting buyorder of seventy-five (75) card or less per person, per day. If you have a large collection you're looking to sell then please contact the store to make arrangements.

v  We do not accept signed or stamped cards. Items with such markings will be returned to you.

v  All prices shown are for near mint cards.

v  If you have any questions or concerns about selling cards to us, please call the store at 810-720-8280 or contact us at for assistance.


How do I sell cards to Gamers Sanctuary? [ Please Read ]


v  You can quickly and easily find the cards you wish to sell by using either our search bar or by browsing the product tree in the upper left of the screen. Once you have located a card you are interested in selling to us, just add it to your cart. Please be aware that you must be in "Buylist Mode" to sell cards to us.

v  To edit your cart or checkout, simply click the "View Buylist/Submit" link in the Cart Summary section.

v  Follow the system prompts to complete your buyorder.

v  Wait for the confirmation email to arrive. After you submit your buylist, we have to double-check that we want to buy everything at the posted prices. Usually this takes less than one (1) business day, but please read this email carefully when it arrives because sometimes we do make changes. If you do not receive a confirmation email within two (2) business days, please contact us at so we can manually confirm the status of your buylist.

v  Make sure that your cards are sorted in the exact order that they appear on your confirmation email. If your cards arrive out of order, please expect some delay in the processing of your buyorder. Please Note: In extreme cases, such as large buylists that arrive in no order at all, we reserve the right to either return the entire order or else assess a penalty of up to 10% of the final value of your buylist. We will contact you before processing your buylist if we intend to return it or assess a penalty.

v  Although we understand that sometimes there are delays in bringing cards in, due to the constantly changing nature of card prices we must insist that all approved buylists be dropped off within 48-hours of approval or they will be cancelled.

v  In order to ensure that everyone who sells cards to us is completely satisfied with their experience, we will call or email any sellers whose buylist depreciates by 25% or more in value, due to removals or adjustments, before we complete their submission. If we do not receive a reply within 48-hours, we continue to process their submission as usual.