Sell Your Video Games

 Sell Your Video Games


Gamers Sanctuary's prices on used video games and systems are very competitive. We carry everything from the newest games for your Xbox One / PS4 / Switch all the way back to the Sega Genesis and original NES. Want an old-school Pokemon game and the Game Boy Color to play it on? Then stop in and check out our always changing and ever growing selection.

And our return policy can’t be beat: In addition to our 30-day warranty against defects, if you decide for any reason that the used game you purchased isn’t for you, return it within two days for full credit towards something else in the store. Never be stuck with a stinker again!


Gamers Sanctuary pays top dollar for your trade. Whether you’re trading in the PS4 game that you just finished, or are wanting to get some cash for the old SNES games you found in your attic. We'll pay 15% MORE than GameStop's advertised trade-in prices and we can typically match or top any competitor's advertised buy prices.


Okay, so you've saved the princess (with or without the aid of a Warp Whistle or two), you've defeated Dr. Robotnik, you've crushed the rebel uprising, you've staunched the alien invasion, and you've slogged your way through the dankest levels of the dungeon and come out the other side with treasures aplenty and you're ready to turn that game (or system) into CASH or store credit. Well, all you have to do is bring your goodies into your friendly local Gamers Sanctuary, we'll look it over, make sure everything's in good working order and we'll make you an offer right there on the spot.

There is one caveat, we can only offer prices for your items in-store. We need to see what you have, check the condition, and make sure we're getting you the most bang for your buck. We do not offer buy prices over the phone, via email, or over social media. We do apologize for any inconvenience that may cause you but, if you'll stop by with your items, then we would love to make you an offer!